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We strongly believe that you need to take all necessary precautions before you need to take them. Setting up a barrier, wearing a mask and gloves, cleaning and disinfecting are all things that we need to do in order to take care of each other and stop the spread..


Get back to 
work in a safe environment

You want to open your business, but you need to keep your employees safe, make sure you have set in place the precations necessary to comply with local standards and to protect your staff from potential infections. Remember that it is your responsibility to take care of all of your employees.

Our story

How We Started

Our founders both have mothers who are entrepreneurs with their own small businesses. After the coronavirus / Covid-19 epidemic began, we started wondering what we could do to protect them both from getting sick. Our desire to protect our mothers led to the desire to help other business owners out there to make sure they and their staff are safe.


Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

While we have been trying to reduce the interaction with clients, we still need to see our clients in the office to sign paperwork. The plexiglass shield at our desks give us a big peace of mind. Thank you.

Joan Stevens


I am a tax preparer and all of my clients have to come in and sign their taxes. Now that I have the see-through barrier, I can slide the paperwork through and if a client sneezes or coughs it hits the plastic and not me. I love it.

Lucy Pratt

Tax Preparer

I bought these for everyone in the office. It was a great investment to keep everyone safe and healthy. The staff appreciated it because they know that I am looking out for them.

Jake Alvarez

San Diego

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    An acrylic protective transparent barrier designed to allow you to interact with your clients while keeping you safer from coughing, sneezing and more.


    KN95 and other level masks for the worklplace. Select from multiple use, single use and rewashable materials that best fit your office environment.


    Plastic face shields that are protect the entire face area. Perfect for close proximity work environments like barber shops that need a light and easy to use protective device.